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How’s your view with the spring showers?

Reasons Insurance

Spring rain reminds us of the flowers to come. That said, we have to get through the rain to see them.  Seeing through the windshield clearly is essential to a safe car ride. Your windshield wipers can be the difference between a safe trip or not and we rarely think of them until our view is obscured.  The wear and tear from running back and forth on the windshield takes its toll. The tough winters’ ice and chemicals make it much worse. Don’t worry, we have help coming. A step by step tutorial is linked below where you can gain the confidence to make this change yourself.

We are all about Reasons and there are lots of Reasons to put in the effort to change your wiper blades.  The main Reason is the increased likelihood of automobile accidents connected to poor visibility. The Federal Highway Administration reports that in 46% of fatal accidents, impaired visibility was a major factor. Additionally, of the nearly 6 million accidents in the US each year, 23% are weather related. Finally, with the US Department of Transportation study saying that there are, on average, 178 weather related accidents.  We feel that is more than enough Reasons to do what we can to help keep you safe and informed.

If your windshield wipers have begun to streak or chatter it may be time to act. You know the next batch of showers Will be here soon. Here is the two minute video that will help build your confidence to tackle this project sooner than later.

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