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Being prepared for a claim is easier than ever

Reasons Insurance

If your home was destroyed could you write a list of all your belongings from memory?

Me either.

Without a home inventory of some sort that is exactly what you might have to do. Having worked with many clients and many claims we have seen this situation more often than we like. But don’t worry. Today, technology helps us provide a way to create this with relative ease.

Whether you own a home or rent there are three big Reasons why you should have a home inventory.

  1. A home inventory can help you purchase the right amount of insurance, potentially saving you money.
  2. When filing a claim an inventory of your belongings can streamline the claims process and get life back to normal sooner.
  3. Being able to use the inventory to substantiate the financial loss for taxes or working with other federal agencies.

Here is a short video on some great tips for getting started.

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