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Protect Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

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Protect Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

As we approach the colder months of the year I am reminded of how we begin to see people allow their cars to run in the driveway to warm up – unattended.  This open invitation is often the starting point for a car theft.  It seemed appropriate that we cover this in the blog in hopes of helping you avoid this altogether.

Vehicle theft is a multi-billion-dollar crime, with a vehicle stolen every 43.8 seconds in the United States. In fact, during 2019 alone, about 750,000 vehicles were stolen across the country.

Don’t become the next victim of vehicle theft. Follow these prevention tips to protect your vehicle from theft:

  • Always keep your vehicle locked, even when driving.
  • Install anti-theft devices within your vehicle—such as steering wheel locks or fuel cut-off switches.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running and unattended.
  • Never leave valuables visible in your vehicle, as these items could attract potential thieves. Stow important items out of sight.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, contact the police immediately to file a report. You’ll also need to notify your insurance company to kickstart the claim process.

Some precautionary measures—and common sense—can greatly reduce the odds of your vehicle being stolen. Remember, anything you can do to make your vehicle a less appealing target can help prevent a theft from occurring.

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