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Just Moved? Don’t Forget to Update Your Home Address

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Just Moved? Don’t Forget to Update Your Home Address

Although it can be an exciting experience, moving to a new home or apartment also comes with a wide range of tedious tasks and responsibilities. And while most individuals are prepared to pack and unpack boxes, many forget just how many places need their updated contact information.

Here are some tips for updating your home address after you move:

• Notify all applicable local, state and federal agencies of your new address (e.g., post office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the IRS).

• Inform financial institutions and advisors of your new address (e.g., credit card institutions, 401k administrators).

• Tell all of your care providers (e.g., doctor, dentist, veterinarian and child care) and any memberships or clubs your family is a part of.

• Inform all utility providers (e.g., gas, electricity, water, garbage, phone, television and internet) to avoid paying for services at your previous residences.

• Notify any subscription or residential services of your new address (e.g., magazine or newspaper subscriptions, home maintenance services, security services, cleaning services).

• Update your voter registration.

Last, be sure to tell your insurance agent and insurance company about your move. This information is vital to ensure your insurance policies are up-to-date. Additionally, depending on the location and characteristics of your new home, informing your insurer of your updated address could even result in lowered premium costs or newly available forms of coverage.

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