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Preventing Ice Dams

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Preventing Ice Dams

We have all seen the massive snowfall totals across the country.  With so much snow it is good to keep an eye out for ice dams and do what can be done for preventing them where possible. When heat escapes your home during winter, it can cause the snow on your roof to melt and refreeze into ice dams, which can cause water damage or roof damage.

Here are some tips for preventing ice dams in your home:

  • Ensure your attic floor is well-insulated.

  • Clean your gutters before the first snow.

  • Keep your attic well-ventilated.

  • Seal air leaks from junction boxes, plumbing vents, attic hatches and ceiling fixtures.

  • Have an ice shield placed beneath your shingles when your roof is being redone.

  • Consider hiring an energy specialist to evaluate your home’s efficiency.

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