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5 Things to Do if You Get in a Car Accident

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5 Things to Do if You Get in a Car Accident

There are few things more dangerous and stressful than getting into an accident. There are many things that will happen during the claims process but first things first. Here is a short list of things to get the process started right:

  1. Call the Police

    It is always good to have an objective description of the accident.  The stress and emotions of an accident can change what we remember.

  2. Get Medical Treatment

    Adrenaline can stop us from understanding the full extent of injuries at the scene of an accident.

  3. Take Pictures

    This is a great way to record traffic conditions, weather conditions and the locations of cars and objects for reference in the future.

  4. Get your Car Damage Looked at by a Professional

    It is easy to overlook damage that might be hidden behind a bumper cover that has popped back out.

  5. Contact Reasons Insurance

    It is easiest to reach one of our team members for questions on your accident by calling our main line at (651) 636-6911, if you prefer to text feel free to text that same line as well.

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