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Snowmelt Problem Prevention

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Snowmelt Problem Prevention

As harsh cold warms to above-freezing temperatures, the accumulating water from melting snow and ice—also known as snowmelt—can lead to significant property damage. Review the following guidance for snowmelt prevention at your home.

  • Clear snow from your home’s foundation

To prevent water from seeping through cracks in your home, clear snow from around your house. Pay particular attention to the areas around stairwells, window wells, downspouts and doors.

  • Maintain your roof and gutters

Keep your gutters clear of debris to prevent ice dams from building up; this occurs when melted snow refreezes at night and can cause gutter clogs and leaks. You should also clear heavy snow off your roof to avoid water damage.

  • Ensure proper drainage

Keep any street storm sewer drains clear of snow; this will help prevent ice buildup and freezing. You should also ensure your downspout drains away from your home.

  • Check your sump pump

If your home experiences flooding, a functioning sump pump can move water away from your home’s foundation. Check that your sump pump is in good working condition and immediately take care of any small leaks you notice. This will prevent them from becoming a larger hazard.

  • Rely on professionals

Contact a qualified professional if you’re unable or unsure how to remove snow from your roof, seal windows and doors, test your sump pump, check your water heater and any other essential aspects of home maintenance. This can keep both you and your home safe from harm.

  • Talk to your insurance agent

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Speak to your insurance agent to make sure your home is adequately covered if damage or disaster occurs.

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