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Is Your Jewelry Fully Covered?

November 1st, 2019 John BosmanHomeowners insurance often has limits on coverage for jewelry if it’s lost or stolen. Luckily, fully insuring your jewelry is simple and cost-effective. Continue reading to learn how. Know What Your Existing Insurance Policy Covers If you already have personal property coverage as part of a homeowners, renters, or condo policy, you likely already have…

Sending students off to college?

October 11th, 2019 John BosmanNow that they are back in school, make sure they are properly protected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaFgVMHvACY&feature=youtu.be

Being prepared for a claim is easier than ever

July 2nd, 2019 John BosmanIf your home was destroyed could you write a list of all your belongings from memory? Me either. Without a home inventory of some sort that is exactly what you might have to do. Having worked with many clients and many claims we have seen this situation more often than we like. But don’t worry.…

How’s your view with the spring showers?

April 28th, 2019 John BosmanSpring rain reminds us of the flowers to come. That said, we have to get through the rain to see them.  Seeing through the windshield clearly is essential to a safe car ride. Your windshield wipers can be the difference between a safe trip or not and we rarely think of them until our view…

Stay Safe on the Road During a Hailstorm

April 22nd, 2019 John BosmanIt may sound surprising, but there are approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the United States each year. The size of hail can widely vary - from golf-ball size to softball size. And when it starts building up size, hail can cause not just severe property and vehicle damage, but also bodily harm and even death. On…
What is an independent insurance agent?

What’s an Independent Insurance Agent?

March 12th, 2019 atlasHave you ever heard the term independent agent? Do you know what it means? You could probably take a pretty good guess but unless you’re in the insurance industry you likely haven’t thought too much about it. An independent agent is one of three primary models of insurance. The other two are known as captive…


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