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Garage Insurance

What Is Garage Insurance?

Garage Insurance in MinnesotaGarage and garagekeepers insurance protect businesses that house or take custody of customer vehicles, like auto dealerships, body & repair shops, and tire stores.

There are a variety of coverage types available. We’ll help determine the level of coverage that is right for you. Give us a call at (651) 636-6911 or request a quote comparison to get started.

Garage Insurance Coverage

Garage Liability – Covers incidents like customer slip and falls, liability from faulty work, and more.

Garagekeepers – Covers physical damage to a customer vehicle in the possession of the shop.

Blanket Coverage – Covers vehicles for sale up to a prescribed amount without the need for constantly updating inventory.

And More – There are a variety of additional coverage options that can be added to your policy, depending on your needs.


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Experience & Service

Enjoy the benefits of our years of experience in getting tailored coverage for your situation.



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