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Umbrella Insurance

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance in MinnesotaAn umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability protection on top of your other insurance policies, like your auto and home insurance. For example, if you had a $500,000 limit of liability on your auto and home insurance, a $1M umbrella would kick in after your underlying policy is exhausted to provide a total of $1.5M in coverage. One umbrella policy can add additional protection to several underlying policies.

There are several coverage types available. We’ll help determine the level of coverage that is right for you, and you may be surprised how affordable an umbrella can be. Give us a call at (651) 636-6911 or request a quote comparison to get started.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability – Pays for injuries caused to another party for which you are at fault.

Property Damage Liability – Pays for damage to another person’s property for which you are at fault.

Worldwide Coverage – Provides coverage even when you are traveling abroad.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Liability – Covers you and your passengers in case you’re injured by a driver that has no insurance or not enough insurance.

Personal Injury – Covers you for libel and/or slander claims.

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